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Dodge Challenger Front Headlight Bezels
Part #
ACC-152001 - CHHS808

PARTS INCLUDED:  2 x Brushed Stainless Bezels,  1 x Adhesive Promoter Pack,  4 x Strips of  5/8 Chrome Molding  22 

Your covers come to you with a protective liner.  Do not remove liner until installation has been completed. 

1.  Thoroughly clean the taillight areas to be mounted with rubbing alcohol to remove any and all dirt and or waxes.
After this step use the piece of test tape (included) or a piece of masking tape to see if you have achieved a tack. If the test tape sticks well in several areas where you plan to mount your new trim then proceed to the next step.  If it is not sticking well you still have oil on the surface clean again until it the test tape sticks.

2.  Now take the promoter packet or pen (included) and swipe the areas where you will mount your new trim plates.  The promoter liquid is clear and will not harm your paint or interior. 

3. You have been provided with four strips of chrome molding. Two of these moldings will be longer then the other two and will be applied to the outer openings of the factory bezel. 

4. Take a look at the top of each whole opening. You will notice that the openings are cut off and flat at the very top.
The moldings will not cover these areas (see Diagram B).
Peel a small length of the red release liner from the back of each section of molding and apply it directly to the corner of the opening and apply pressure to set the molding so that it sets nice and flush with the outside edge. (see Diagram B) Set the molding all the way around to the opposite side and snip off any excess molding with a scissor. Press firmly along the entire length to set.  Do this for all four whole openings.  The molding is wider than the edge you are mounting it to - it's ok.

5. Now that you have each of the four (headlight) holes lined with the chrome molding you can apply the outer bezel. Before you permanently install the bezel place it in position to get acquainted with the proper position. You will notice that the holes in the bezel will slightly overlap the chrome molding and should line up with the outer shape of the factory bezel. Once you have a good idea how the bezel will set in place simply remove the red release liner from the back of the bezel and carefully reset it in place. Be sure to take your time as the adhesive tape is very aggressive and will not allow you to reposition the bezel once it has made contact so go SLOWLY. Repeat the application for the opposite side and remove the protective liners to finish the installation.     

                                Photo A                                                                 Diagram B                              Inside edge of lamp cutout   

CARE AND MAINTENANCE:   Care must be taken when cleaning your cover. It is a good idea to lightly dust your cover with a clean soft cloth first in order to prevent any particles from scratching it. Then wipe (using a new clean soft cloth) with a good quality streak free glass cleaner.

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