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Dodge Challenger Stainless Steel Side Mirror Trim

Part #
ACC-151013, ACC-151014, ACC-151015, ACC-CHSM515-517

2 brushed Stainless Steel mirror trims (one for each mirror)
1 Promoter Pen

1.  wash your mirrors thoroughly with soap and water.  Then wipe the glass down with rubbing alcohol to remove any hint of oil.  Let dry.

2.  Take one of your mirror trims and hold it up to the appropriate mirror.  Without sticking it on - Observe how it fits.  Once you are comfortable with how it fits you can take your promoter pen and bend it to crack the ampoule inside.  Use the now moistened pen tip and wipe a wide area all around the outer edge of the mirror glass (where you will be mounting the mirror trims.  
Now take your trim for that mirror and remove the red lining off the back.  Try not to touch the sticky tape.

3.  Hold the trim above the mirror glass and slowly genteelly place it into position.  Do this without putting any pressure on it.  Just so it is barely held on with the tape.
Now, make any final adjustments needed to line it up for a perfect fit. Push down on the trim all around the entire perimeter of the glass for a tight bond.

4.  Repeat for other mirror.      

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