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ACC-CH-SSE1 Dodge Challenger (2008-2018) SKIP SHIFT ELIMINATOR for manual transmission
Finally the solution!  This product is specifically for the Dodge Challenger.  Just plug it in.
Ever turn a corner and try to shift into 2nd gear and get forced into 4th gear.  That is the factory skip shift.  All Challengers have it and it is annoying to all Challenger owners, but now there is a low cost simple solution that will have no impact on your cars performance - except to allow you to shift into 2nd or 3rd gear whenever you want.

The factory C.A.G.S. (Computer-Aided Gear Selector) only allows up-shifts from 1st to 4th gear, preventing 2nd and 3rd gear engagement at light throttle speeds between 15 and 20 mph. The Skip Shift Kit eliminates the annoying mandatory 1st to 4th gear shift. Allows full 1st through 6th gear changes at any speed for maximum performance and acceleration. Easily installed in just minutes and OBDII compatible.

Performance Choice 6-Speed Skip Shift Bypass will protect the open ends of the harness and prevent throwing trouble codes. These custom-designed harness plugs not only avoid dirt/corrosion problems associated with an open-ended harness, but also allow you to easily reconnect it, if necessary, with no modifications.

Comes with complete directions with photos specifically for the Challenger 2008-2018 with manual transmissions.


Made Specifically for the
Dodge Challenger

Pictures of device installed

$  32.95

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1-2 week delivery

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$  6.95

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