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Dodge Challenger
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PARTS INCLUDED:  2 x Large Chrome Covers #4277,    6 x Small Chrome Caps #121 top hats

This new kit has been designed to enhance the factory shock tower nut assembly's

This kit will allow the application of aftermarket strut braces and performance shocks.

1.  Thoroughly clean the four areas to be mounted with rubbing alcohol to remove any and all dirt and grime that may have built up at these areas.

2.  Apply an appropriate amount of clear 100% silicone into each of the covers and set them in place over each bolt nut and around the center shock platform. Allow a few hours to set. NOTE: Because the of the variable height of the shock tower bolts that attach the shock mounting plate to the shock tower itself it may be necessary to slightly

shim down the tips of the tower bolts. This can easily be done using a shop cut off wheel to gently grind down the tips of the bolts so that the bolt covers set nicely over each bolt stud. This may also apply to the main shock bolt. The adjustment if necessary at all should be very minor and will only take a few minutes.

Note:  Care must be taken when cleaning your covers. It is a good idea to lightly dust your covers with a clean soft cloth first in order to prevent any particles from scratching them.
Then wipe (using a new clean soft cloth) with a good quality streak free glass cleaner.

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