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Dodge Challenger SRT8 Fuel Rail Covers Cover
: #ACC-153012 & ACC-153013

Included: 2 x Stainless Valve Covers,  2 x  Stainless End Caps,  2 x  Adhesive Promoter Packs,  6 x  2pc Velcro Attachment Cookies, 1 x  Decorative Chrome Cap Cover/w Velcro Cookie

These new covers are made of the best quality 304 stainless polished to a beautiful mirror finish. They have been carefully designed to fit over the factory plastic covers and mount together via Velcro attachment tape.  

Your new covers come to you with a protective liner. Do not remove liner until instructed to do so. 

1.  Thoroughly clean the face of the factory covers with alcohol to remove any and all road grime and dirt. Then swipe the four extruded areas with the adhesive promoter provided as well as the one area just to the side of the covers lettering and lastly to the very front side of the plastic cover. This promoter is NOT a cleaner but an adhesive accelerator and will insure a nice permanent bond long term and MUST be used. 

2.  You have been provided with five Velcro attachment cookies. Peel the release liner from both sides of each cookie and place them to the five areas you just promoted. The front side does NOT receive a Velcro cookie. 

3.  Swipe the under side of the new covers with the adhesive promoter and then carefully place them over the factory covers. Press them down firmly to set the Velcro cookies. Although it should not be necessary the new cover shape may need to be tweaked a little in order to achieve a nice perfect contour. Should this be necessary simply take a look at the overall shape and fitment to determine what adjustments are apparent then simply remove the new cover and gently form by hand. Also at this time you might want to firmly press the Velcro cookies on the under side of the covers to ensure a nice bond, them simply reinstall. 

4.  You have been provided with two stainless end caps. With the new covers firmly in place peel the red release liner from the back of the two inserts and then firmly press them into position making sure that they sit into the shape of the new cover without exposing any gaps. The smaller one is for the driver side and the larger for the passenger side. At this time you may remove all the protective liner from the covers. 

5.  The last part of this install will be to set the decorative chrome cap atop the factory oil fill cap by cleaning the cap with alcohol to remove dirt then swipe the cap with the remaining adhesive promoter. Remove the Velcro cookie halve from the under side of the cap and firmly press it to the factory cap then simply set the new cap cover in place. 

Note: Care must be taken when cleaning your covers. It is a good idea to lightly dust your covers with a clean soft cloth first in order to prevent any particles from scratching them. Then wipe (using a new clean soft cloth) with a good quality streak free glass cleaner.


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