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Dodge Challenger 5.7L Engine Shroud Trim Kit
Part #
ACC-153008 - CHES500
Installation Instructions

ITEMS NEEDED: Isopropyl alcohol, Household acetone,  Straight razor blade  

6- Chrome Engine Molding Strips
1- Stainless Cover
1- 5.7L & V8 Stainless Letters
1- Chrome Shroud Cover Molding Strip
1- Adhesive Promoter Tube
1- Adhesive Promoter

Your cover comes to you with a protective liner. Do not remove liner until step 3 has been completed. 

1. The first thing that must be done in order to install your new kit is to prep the surface area of the engine shroud.
This is a very important step please follow it closely.
You will notice 3 ribs on either side of the engine shroud. Scrub these areas firmly first with household acetone, let dry then with household isopropyl alcohol, let dry and be sure to remove all flash residues from the surface.  This composite plastic is stain resistant from the factory and is difficult to bond to, so be sure to scrub these areas very well. Once completely scrubbed swipe the ribs once with the adhesive promoter tube (provided). REPEAT this same process for the LARGE CENTER SECTION and 5.7L V8 where you will be applying your stainless cover and letters. 

2. Place the stainless steel center piece into place and make note of its position. It may be necessary to slightly form by hand so that it CONFORMS to the shape of the factory shroud and lies FLAT WITHOUT FORCING. (This piece should be shaped to your cover so that it looks like it has been installed before you remove the red liner. It may be necessary to form by hand a few times until you achieve a nice proper fit.) Once you are satisfied with the fit remove the red liner and reposition on shroud. Press firmly to set. Repeat this same process for the lettering. 

3. Looking at the piece that you just installed, starting at the very center of the rear of the engine cover apply the trim directly to the beveled edge on the FACTORY SHROUD NOT ON THE STAINLESS COVER place the long chrome trim molding (removing the red liner as you go) and work your way around the perimeter of the center piece until you reach your start point. Cut the excess molding slightly longer and force the molding into a tight butt seam. Press firmly to set along the entire perimeter. Remove protective liner. 

4. Place the 3 chrome engine shroud trim strips starting on the passenger side from the front most forward part of the rib and work it along the rib as straight as possible. Press firmly to set. Repeat this process until all 3 strips are installed. Next place the 3 chrome strips the same way on the driversí side. NOTE: These strips will cross the oil hole opening, continue to lay the molding across the oil filler hole opening to the rear of the cover. Once complete use a straight razor to cut the excess molding over the opening and remove. 

If you have used any products to make your engine cover "shine" you will need to make an extra effort in cleaning and preparing the surface for installation.   

Please be careful - Returns are allowed only for parts with manufacturing defects. Installation errors are not manufacturing defects and parts can not be returned do to improper installation. 

If any questions occur during installation, please contact us at 352 688 8160 M-F.

Note: Care must be taken when cleaning your cover. It is a good idea to lightly dust your cover with a clean soft cloth first in order to prevent any particles from scratching it. Then wipe (using a new clean soft cloth) with a good quality streak free glass cleaner.

For Help - please call 352 688 8160 or email us at a website

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