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For all Emblems

Included:  emblem(s), 1 x Promoter Packet

1.  First, wash the area on the car where you are to mount the emblems with soap and water.  Next, wipe down the area with some rubbing alcohol thoroughly.  This will help remove any oils that are on the paint surface.  It will not hurt your paint.  Once cleaned try sticking a piece of masking tape to the area to make sure it will stick.  If it does remove and move to step 2.  If it does not stick re-clean until it does.  

2.  Now without peeling off the red backing take your new emblem and  hold it up to the spot where it is to be mounted.  Become familiar with where it will mount. 
It your emblem is made of stainless steel it may be necessary to slightly bend the part to provide a perfect to the area you are mounting it to.  Bend slightly and test the fit.  Continue to adjust until it fits perfectly.
NOTE:  You can also mark with a grease pencil or using the masking tape pieces if you need exact placement. 

3.  Once you are satisfied with where and how it will mount - take your packet of promoter included and wipe the area using the damp towlette where the new emblem will mount (this clear and odorless liquid will not hurt your paint).  It is designed to provide a better bond for your emblem.

4.  Peel the liner off the back of the new emblem and carefully and slowly hold it up to the spot where it is to be mounted.  Gently set the new emblem in place without pressing on it.  Make any tiny adjustments needed.  Now press firmly on the new emblem all over it's surface to form a tight bond.  Remove the masking tape.  Clean around the emblem with rubbing alcohol.

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