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PART #153030


1-Plastic Cover w/Velcro
1-Small Scratch Pad
1-Adhesive Promoter Pack
1-32.5" Length Of Furry Velcro
1-Large 1.25 Washer Head Type Bolt, Nut and Washer
1-Decorative Chrome Cap w/Butyl Putty

INTRODUCTION: This new accessory is a unique and stylish part designed to add an awesome custom look to what otherwise would be a relatively unattractive air filter box. Please note that the cover is strictly decorative and is not intended to seal the factory air box.

PROTECTIVE LINER INFORMATION: Your new accessories will come to you with a protective surface liner. Leave this liner in place until the installation is complete to prevent finger prints and/or possible scratches during installation.

1. The first step for this installation will be to prepare the air box to receive the new accessory by removing the rubber gasket attached to the air box top ridge. (Note: This gasket will not be reused).

2. You will notice that the air box is fastened to the vehicle with one single bolt located at the top front area of the box and that this bolt has been sleeved with a steel sleeve encapsulated with a rubber grommet. Remove this bolt. Then remove the rubber grommet from the air box. (Note: This grommet will not be reused).


3. Lift the plastic box out of its valley in the engine bay just enough to allow you to see the rubber grommet or grommets that the plastic box seats into and remove those grommets. (Note: These grommets will not be reused).

4. Set the air box back into position. The idea here has been to effectively settle the air box to a lowered position by removing these grommets thusly creating clearance for the new top plate between the air box and hood.

5. You will notice that the air box contains a rounded corner at the left side of the front opening as well as an area to the right that will appear uneven along the top ridge. SEE PICTURE 1 & 2

1-before                                                                                                                                     2-after

6. Because this is uneven you will need to lightly file these two areas in order to allow the new cover to fit comfortably into position. First file the rounded corner to the left of the front opening to a sharp 90 degree corner. Then file the top right of the air box ridge so that it will no longer contain an uneven bump in the rim and look nice and straight. SEE PICTURE 3, 4, 5

Although the new cover will not completely set flush to the top of the air box due to is inconsistent shape and contour performing these two light modifications will allow the new cover to sit very nicely into place.

3-before                                                                                                                                     4-after


7. Once these procedures are complete, you can now set up the top ridge for the new cover. You have been provided with a small piece of scratch pad. Use this pad to thoroughly scuff the outer and inner sides of the upper ridge that runs along the entire circumference of the air box. SEE PICTURE 6.


8. Once this is done scrub the ridge with rubbing alcohol to remove the dust and also to clean the ridge. Then swipe both the inner and outer sides of the ridge with the adhesive promoter packet provided. This packet is NOT a cleaner but and an adhesive accelerator and must be used as such in order to successfully and permanently attach the 32.5" length of furry Velcro supplied with your kit. Once the ridge is prepared, peel the release liner completely from the Velcro strip and place the end of the strip along the ridge, starting at the front left side and then along the entire box until you reach the other end. Trim away any excess if necessary. At this point the Velcro will be standing straight up on the ridge and you can now fold the Velcro over the ridge to the inside of the box. (Tech Note: Before you fold the Velcro over, slit the Velcro at all four corners with a razor blade. This will allow you to fold the Velcro more easily and eliminate wrinkles in the process.) Press firmly along the entire ridge to set the bond of the Velcro. SEE PICTURE 7.


9. Now you are ready to install your new cover. You will notice that your new cover has Velcro attached to the underside of the covers frame and the window is slightly elevated. Remove the protective liner from the window and then place the frame so that the window will set into the air box ridge allowing the Velcro to seat the window securing it in place. Although it should not be necessary you may need to tweak the shape of the top cove a little in order to achieve a nice contoured fit.

10. Remove the remaining protective liner. You have been provided with a large 1.25" Washer head type bolt nut and washer. This bolt has been proved as a replacement bolt for the factory one. Depending on the production date of your Challenger this new bolt may slip through the existing welded nut at the front of the air box, in which case we have provided a new nut and washer to be placed under the factory tab allowing you to secure the new cover’s mounting tab. Then simply cover the new bolt head with the decorative chrome cap cover. This cover will have a butyl putty attached, simply remove the release tape and press it onto the bolt head to finish the installation. (Note: Some Challenger models use a smaller bolt and nut to secure the air box.) If this is the case you can elect to either drill the factory bolt with a ¼" drill bit to allow the new bolt to be set through the factory nut (recommended) or you can use the original bolt to secure the new cover or you can re-tap the factory nut with a ¼" 20 taping bit.

If you have any questions during installation please call American Car Craft at 727 861-1500.

Additional Installation Tips from a customer…

I installed the air box cover on my Mopar air box and thought I would share my comments. Overall, I am very satisfied and perhaps my suggestions would benefit others or allow you to update your documentation.

After a thorough review of the instructions, I found a couple of deviations and enhancements that were beneficial during the process.

First and foremost, is the complete removal of the filter and box from the vehicle as the majority of the work needs to be done on the bench. This keeps plastic shavings and sanding residue away from the filter, throttle body area and under-hood in general.

Instead of a file, I used a very sharp utility knife to trim the plastic as outlined in the instructions. After some test fits, I also removed some plastic from the top ridge on the left side (throttle body side) near the front to level out this area somewhat. After smoothing the reworked areas and scuffing the top ridge, I gave the entire box a thorough cleaning and drying to remove all fine particles. After applying adhesion promoter, the Velcro strip went on very nicely with the trim and slitting as instructed.

After a little warming and flexing of the stainless frame, I achieved a nice complete velcro seal all around the box. Note, I had not yet removed any protective film from the cover.

Next was the fitting and bolting of the box. I was not planning to use the supplied washer and nut under the mount bracket as it became evident that these would be hard to reach during future maintenance, not to mention possibly dropping them into under-hood voids. The supplied bolt allowing for the finished cap is standard thread while the nut on the box mount is metric. I simply replaced the factory push nut with a standard thread push nut.

Then, I thought I would try the fitment with the stock grommets in place which isolate the box from vibration, rattles etc. Using plumbers putty at 5 points around the box and sheet of protective plastic on top, I was able to determine up to 3/4 inch clearance from top of cover to hood underside with hood closed. This confirmed that on my 2011 Challenger, both grommets could stay in place.

I purchased a Mopar decal part number 82212434. This is designed to be placed on the inside of the quarter window glass and give an etched-in appearance from the outside. After removing the underside protective film, I affixed the decal in the tapered corner. See photo. With cover in place, I removed the top layers of protective film. To my surprise, the plexi panel had a smoke look despite the product info describing it as clear. I would have opted for clear had I known there was a choice although I am very satisfied with result. Perhaps you could give future customers the option of clear or smoke.

Per the care sheet, I acquired all suggested cleaning and waxing materials and applied the quick wax.

Thanks again for the great service and speedy delivery. I will refer others to your site as you have some super looking products for many popular vehicles.

Looking forward to a season of cruises and shows to "show off" this beautiful accessory.

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