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CHALLENGER Stainless Steel Door Sills
For Part: #ACC-CHDS511X


PARTS INCLUDED:  1-Passenger side Doorsill, 1-Driver side Doorsill, 2-Carbon Fiber Strips (optional),  2-Packets of Promoter

A.  Do not remove the clear protective liner from the top of your trim piece until instructed to do so.

B.  Before you begin you must
 first prepare your dash/door surface areas where Trim pieces are going to be installed in order to allow adhesion.
You can do this by scrubbing roughly and thoroughly the entire area first with household isopropyl alcohol (found in any stores hardware department).

C.  Inspect your parts to make certain it is the right part you need.  Hold the part(s) up to where it is to be mounted to make sure it fits to your model car.


If these areas have been treated with Armor-all or any such surface protector, installation will NOT work unless these treatments have first been removed using special chemicals. 

PLEASE NOTE: We ask that you please follow instructions carefully - parts can not be returned if scratched or if the rear red liner has been removed (even if re-attached). 

1.  You have been provided with a tape test strip.  Use this to test the tack by peeling off the back of a test tape strip and seeing if it sticks to the area you cleaned. 
If it sticks well then you can proceed with your installation. 
If it does not stick well then scrub interior area with a rough surface pad.  Continue to clean until the tape sticks.

Once your areas have been prepared use the adhesive promoter packet or pen (provided) to wipe the areas of your interior where you will be attaching your new stainless trim pieces.  This clear liquid is odorless and will not stain or damage your paint or your interior panels.  Allow a few seconds to dry.

3.  Before you take the red backing off
test the placement and fit of your trim piece .  Hold the trim piece up to the area it is to be mounted to.  Move it around until you are satisfied with the exact position it is to be mounted in.  (The entire back of the trim piece must have solid contact with the interior surface, including trim pieces with a bend or curve to them).  This may require to slight bend the piece with your hands.

4.  These sill plates have been designed to offer you two options for the final look. One is to allow the color of the car to show through the sill (for this option go to Step 6.)
The other is a carbon fiber look (for this option go to Step 5.). 

5.  If you elect to use the carbon fiber option, without removing the rear red liner - place the stainless steel sill in position and mark its placement to the car with a pencil.  Remove the sill and then peel the release liner from the back of the carbon fiber strip provided. 
Place one end of the strip within the pencil marks you made making sure to keep the strip straight and centered. Use your finger tip and press the strip to the car in one continuous and slow motion. This will allow you to set the strip without any air bubbles. If any air bubbles occur simply prick the air pocket with a razor knife or straight pin to release the air and press the bubble away.   

6.  Peel the rear red release liner from the back of the new sill plate and carefully hold it just over the place it is to be mounted.  Very gently set it in place - do not press down yet.  Now make any minor adjustments.  Once you are satisfied with the placement and fit press firmly to set. Start in the center and work you way out to the edges.
Remove top clear protective liner. Repeat process for opposite side. 

Reminder:  Before you remove the liner for permanent attachment place each piece into position and check the fit and also get acquainted with just how each part sets in place. It will be necessary to form a few of the parts by hand to CONFORM to the shape of your sill area to insure a nice perfect fit without forcing the shape. Once you are satisfied with the shape and fit peel the red release liner and firmly press each piece into position.

Maintenance note: Extra care must be taken when cleaning your dash kit. It is a good idea to lightly dust your kit with a clean soft cloth first in order to prevent any particles from scratching it. Then wipe (using a new clean soft cloth) with a good quality streak free glass cleaner.

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