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CHALLENGER Stainless Brushed Taillight Inserts
For Part: #ACC-
153009 - CHHL501


Isopropyl alcohol         Adhesive promoter 
                                    2-sets Stainless HEMI Letters       

1.  The first thing that must be done in order to install your new letters is to prep the surface area of the factory letters on each side of the engine shroud .
This a very Important Step so please follow closely!
Scrub these areas firmly first with soap and water let dry, then with household isopropyl alcohol (found in hardware department), let dry and be sure to remove any residues from the surface. 
If you have used any products to make your engine cover "shine" you will need to make an extra effort in cleaning and preparing the surface for installation.  
This composite plastic is stain resistant from the factory and is difficult to bond to, so be sure to scrub these areas very well. Once completely scrubbed, you must test the tack of the surface.  Take the test tape strip (included) or a piece of masking tape and test to see if it sticks in several places where you plan on mounting your new trim letters.  If the test tape sticks well proceed to the next step.  If not, re-clean. 

2.  Using the promoter (included) swipe the factory shrouds letters once with the adhesive promoter. REPEAT this same process for the opposite side. The promoter is clear and will not damage your paint or interior surface.

3.  Without removing the rear red liner on the letters - place, before you remove the red liner.  If any of the letters do not fit properly - Stop.  Call us.  Be sure the parts fit as you desire before removing the rear red liner.  Once the liner is removed the product may not be returned.
Once you are satisfied with where you will be placing your letters remove the red liner and reposition the letters and press firmly to set. 

For Help - please call 352 688 8160 M-F or email us at a website

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