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CHALLENGER Stainless Brushed Rear View Mirror Trim
Part: #ACC-CHMT512X


NOTE:  Fits Rearview Mirrors that measure 11 inches at the base ONLY.  Measure your mirror before mounting.

1 x Stainless Bezel Trim, 1 x Adhesive Promoter Tube

Your Mirror Trim is designed to attach directly on to the mirror glass.

1.  Clean the mirror lens with household rubbing alcohol to remove any wax and dirt.  Next swipe the area where the trim is to mount once with the adhesive promoter provided. 

2.  ***Place the trim into position to familiarize yourself with the placement before removing rear liner.   Make sure when the hold the trim up to your mirror that it fits before peeling the backing off!

VERY IMPORTANT: It may be necessary to hand form by slightly bending the trim piece with your hands to make them conform to the shape of the mirror before installing; doing this will prevent any possibility of the bezel popping loose or lifting long term. 

3.  Once they are fitted properly peel the remove red liner from the back of the Mirror Trim and carefully set it nice and evenly in place. Press firmly to set.  

Measurement of glass (widest point)

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