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Dodge Challenger
RT & SRT8 Stainless Steel Shark Tooth Grille
Part #
ACC-152010 or  ACC-152010

Included:  1 x Stainless Grille,  1 x Chrome Trim Molding,  1 x Adhesive Promoter Pack


NOTE:  Your grille comes to you with a protective liner. Do not remove liner until installation has been completed.

This NEW Shark tooth grille has to be the most daring statement any one could apply to their vehicle with an aftermarket accessory. Appropriately designed for the Powerful Challenger any one looking in their rear view mirror will move out of the way! A true show stopper you will enjoy for years. 

1.  Thoroughly scrub the lower grille opening with alcohol to remove any and all dirt and wax. Take a couple of extra moments to do this cleaning very thoroughly. Once you are confident that the surface is perfectly clean, Once properly cleaned take the piece of test strip tape (included) and remove a portion of the back red liner or a piece of masking tape .  Stick the test tape strip to the area in where you will be mounting your new trim.  Test several areas.  If it is tacky and sticks then proceed to the next step.  If it is not sticking very well in any of the spots you tested then re-clean the area until the test strip sticks to all areas.  If the test strip tape doesn't stick well neither will your new trim piece.  

2.  Using the promoter (included) Swipe the area to be mounted with the adhesive promoter provided. Apply a single and complete coat of the promoter and try not to over saturate the application a single thin coat will work perfectly.  Let dry for one minute.

3.  Before you permanently attach the new grille to the car set it in place to get acquainted with the fitment and shape of its placement.  Although it should not be necessary - you may need to shape the new grille by hand so that the grille will set against the body perfectly with out having to push any of its shape into place. By doing this you will insure that the new grille will not become detached from the car long term. If you consider that metal by nature will not bend itself out of place than you can expect that a nicely formed grille will remain in place permanently. 

4.  Now that you have a good idea how the grille will set in place and have made sure that the grille has a good form to the shape of the car you can now begin the permanent installation. Split and peel the red release liner from the two upper corners of the grille
and fold them over the edge of the grille creating a pull tab. In this next step it will be very helpful to ask a friend to help you hold the new grille in place as you pull the liner tabs. Set the new grille in place, making sure the grille does not slide out of place gently peel the release liner from the back of the grille as you press firmly setting the grille to the car.  

5.  Now that the grille has been successfully attached the last thing to do is to install the finishing trim ring. You have been provided with a thin chrome trim designed to close the gap between the new grille and the painted surface. Start the application by peeling a small length of the red release liner from the trim and apply the trim at the bottom dead center location and pull the liner as you set along the entire perimeter of the new grille. Apply the trim directly to the paint tight up against the stainless grille. Cut the excess trim and push the end into a nice tight butt seam. Peel the protective liner from the grille to finish the installation.
Apply a single drop of instant adhesive at the butt seam of the chrome trim to eliminate any possibility of a gap being formed do to shrinkage.   

Please note the shark teeth are pointy. Use caution when cleaning so you donít get bit!  Care must be taken when cleaning your grille. It is a good idea to lightly dust your grille with a clean soft cloth first in order to prevent any particles from scratching it. Then wipe using a new clean soft cloth with a good quality streak free glass cleaner.

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