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Dodge Challenger
(2008-2011) Hood Scoop Grilles - Polished Stainless Steel
Part #
ACC-152013 and ACC-152012

Included: 2 x Grilles;  1 x Packet of Promoter

1.  Thoroughly scrub clean the bumper insert area with household Isopropyl Alcohol (or rubbing alcohol) found stores hardware department to remove any and all waxes and oil.

2.  Once properly cleaned take the piece of test strip tape (included) or a piece of masking tape and remove a portion of the back red liner or a piece of masking tape .  Stick the test tape strip to the area in where you will be mounting your new trim.  Test several areas.  If it is tacky and sticks then proceed to the next step.  If it is not sticking very well in any of the spots you tested then re-clean the area until the test strip sticks to all areas.  If the test strip tape doesn't stick well neither will your new trim piece.  

3.  Take your promoter packet or pen included and wipe down the black plastic hood intakes where the new Stainless Steel Grilles will mount.  This clear promoter will not harm your plastic or paint.  Let dry for three minutes. 

4.  Take each of your new stainless steel grilles and hold them up to the air scoop intakes on your hood so you become familiar with how it fits.  It either grille does not fit properly - STOP.  Call us.

5.  Now take one of the stainless steel grilles and remove the red liner around the perimeter exposing the sticky side of the tape underneath.  Press the new grille inside the air scoop and hold firming for one minute.

6.  Repeat process for the other side.

                               Before                                                                  After

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