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Dodge Challenger 2008-Current
Skip Shift Eliminator
Part #


1.  Attached is a picture from the Chrysler Service Manual showing the location of the Skip-Shift Solenoid (S-S-E) (Pic. 1, Item 1) and the Reverse Lock-Out Solenoid (Pic. 1, Item 2). 
Notice that the S-S-E. points towards the drivers side of the car (and is angled slightly downward towards the ground at about a 45 angle), while the Reverse Lock-Out Solenoid points forward and is parallel to the driveline (BOTH have the same shape/color electrical connector).  Make SURE to install the S-S-E into the correct (points to drivers-side) solenoid.

2.  The vehicle wiring at the area of the Skip-Shift Solenoid is tie-strapped LOOSELY to a "lug" just below the S-S-Solenoid (on the left side of the transmission) and has been installed so that there is a "loop" of tie-strap with an opening that you can slip the "resistor" end of the S-S-E through.  Makes for a pretty clean installation.

3.  Then, install the dummy-plug on the S-S-Solenoid to prevent road debris from getting into the solenoid's electrical connector.

NOTE:  If after you install the S-S-E you have any trouble getting your car into Reserve you have installed the S-S-E into the wrong connector.  Switch the plug to the other (correct) connector and your Challenger will perform as designed yet without having the annoying S-S-E any more.

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