Your new trim part may NOT stick to the inside surfaces of your car!



In many situations interior panels and surfaces become saturated with silicone chemical such as Armor-All (even if done years ago), or other forms of residue.   Although this makes the door surface look nice these chemicals become embedded into the ABS plastic of your door panels or dashboard. These treatments must first be removed in order to prepare your surfaces to be bonded to.

This removal can take some doing in most cases, the best way we have found to remove these treatments is to apply several different solvents to break down these chemicals.

NOTE:  Apply this cleaning process to only the surface areas inside you vehicle where you will be sticking your new interior trim parts.

STEP 1.   First scrub the area where the interior trim piece is to be applied with a 511-SOLUTION:

5-parts warm water
1-part regular household ammonia
1-part plain liquid dish detergent
Use several cloths and change them frequently

STEP 2.   Next you will need to scrub the area to be applied with the small abrasive pad (like used for cleaning dinner dishes). Then remove all residues with household rubbing alcohol by forcibly scrubbing the area then immediately wiping off the wet alcohol with a clean paper towel.  Be careful to only do this procedure to the area that you will be applying your new accessory to. 

STEP 3.   Repeat step two again only this time use household Acetone (found in any hardware department) instead of the rubbing alcohol.  After you complete the acetone treatment your surface area should look dry and ashy looking.
NOTE:   If this ashy look is apparent to any area that your new accessory does not cover - you can simply apply armor-all to the area AFTER you have completely installed your trim part -  and it will disappear.  
NOTE:  You may have to repeat the cleaning process several times depending on your surface.

STEP 4.  Use a piece of masking tape to test the surface before mounting your item.  Stick a corner of the tape to the surface of where you plan on sticking your new trim piece. Do this to several areas on the cars surface where you plan to mount your new item.   If the test strip of tape sticks readily proceed to the step 5. 
NOTE:  If it does not stick firmly begin the cleaning process over again until it does. 

STEP 5.   Once you have completed these steps you can then apply a single thin swipe of the adhesive promoter in either a wipe format or a sponge tip pen (provided with your accessory).  This clear odorless liquid will prepare the surface a tight stick for a permanent installation.

Now use rubbing alcohol to clean the area around where you mounted your new part.


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